Shalyapin. The City Restaurant.

The City Restaurant "Shalyapin" is located on Tverskaya street only a short distance from the Smolny Palace and the Tavrichesky Garden. Vigorous and lively in the afternoon and romantic in the evenings, the restaurant is known for its superior service and exceptional take on Russian cuisine.

The interior of the restaurant is measured and conservative. The space is designed in austere ‘cabinet’ style. It has an air of aristocracy and the intelligentsia. Dark wood, immaculate white tablecloths, light walls with many archive photographs and large windows.

The menu, based mainly on Russian cuisine, is refined to match the interior design. We recommend our beef Stroganoff, Russian sauerkraut soup (Shchi) and pork jelly (Studen) with mustard and horseradish. There’s a large variety of great juicy traditional Russian minced meat and fish cutlets: pike fish cakes, ‘Pozharsky’, ‘Kiev’ cutlets. Also try our assortment of various pancakes and pies. You will find the City Shalyapin suitable for any occasion: a business lunch, a romantic dinner, a Sunday brunch with a rich buffet, a family celebration or a formal meeting.